Pee Dee Federal Credit Union
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Online Banking:

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Fast Access Services

At PDFCU we are committed to providing you with options you can use to reach your PDFCU accounts any time, day or night.

Internet Banking

With PDFCU Online, you have secure, Internet access to your accounts 24/7, along with our free Bill Pay Service, plus you get e-statements and check imaging to view and print copies of your statements and checks for free. It's the ultimate in convenience and cost savings! Visit PDFCU Online and get started today.

MoneyLine 24 FREE Audio Response System

With MoneyLine 24, you have most transaction options available to you that you would have with a live teller. You can have a check mailed to you, hear account balances, see which checks have cleared or find the amount of your last deposit. All you need is a touch-tone phone!

MoneyLine 24 Real Time Audio Instructions

  1. To access MoneyLine 24 Real Time Audio select 1, for current rates select 2.
  2. Enter your base account number followed by the # key
  3. Enter PIN number followed by the # key. First time users enter the last four digits of your Social Secruity number

For Summary Information enter 1 then follow the prompts.

  • Account Balances for Draft (Checking) enter 1
  • Account Balances for Master Share (Savings) enter 2
  • Account Balances for Loans enter 3
  • Account Balances for IRA enter 4
  • Account Balances for Certificates enter 5

For Detailed Information enter 2 then follow the prompts.

This includes information on:

  • balances
  • last deposit/payment
  • amount available for withdrawal/advance
  • last dividend, dividend/dividend YTD
  • dividend last year
  • payoff amount for loans
  • maturity date
  • dividend rate

For Activity Information enter 3 then follow the prompts.

  • Most Recent Transactions enter 1
  • Most Recent Deposit/Payment enter 2
  • Most Recent Withdrawals/Advance enter 3
  • Most Recent Drafts Cleared enter 4
  • Most Recent Debit Card Transactions enter 5
  • Inquiries on a specific draft number enter 6

For Withdrawals or Transfers enter 4 then follow the prompts.

  • Withdrawals enter 1
  • Transfer/Loan Advance enter 2

For Rates enter 5 then follow the prompts.

To Change your PIN number enter 6 then follow the prompts.

Helpful Hints

Select a PIN you can easily memorize; try not to write it down.

Know your account numbers and sub account numbers as they are shown on your statements.

Listen to the instructions carefully and follow them exactly.

You may only perform transactions on your account. Neither transactions nor inquiries may be performed on other accounts.

Pound Key = # & Star Key = *

PDFCU Credit Card Access

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This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration